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The VO community is a collection of inspiring and impactful people all working hard to make a difference in the world. We are entrepreneurs, companies, investors, mentors, advisors, partners, collaborators and first and foremost, a community. We aim to serve the benefits of the community by participating with each other in a deliberate and ethical manner governed by community rules that allow for fair and equitable dealings and preservation of confidentiality. The exchange of information, services and capital are in the interests of supporting growth and value creation in the world, therefore enabling the community to prosper and sustain as an ecosystem.

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  • Weekly interactive broadcast with Kevin Koym, CEO and Founder of Tech Ranch®, and invited industry experts
  • Exclusive workshops with some of the brightest minds in the Austin Startup Ecosystem
  • Access to online resources for fast-tracking entrepreneurship and business success
  • Exclusive blog content on topical subjects
  • A private online community of fellow Founders for support and encouragement
  • Opportunities to connect with entrepreneurs around the world
  • Concierge Connection Service that leverages the knowledge and experience of Tech Ranch® Network
  • Discount affiliate network to save money on products and services
  • Monthly or annual memberships to fit any budget

A Big Thanks

We are only as strong as our community and we thank all of our members for their participation and contributions to fostering innovation and global impact!